We’re three pals who live in Brighton UK and tell travel stories for a living. Michelle is a go-getting PR and writer with a penchant for adventure. Rose is an award-winning travel journalist despite her diabolical sense of direction and Tracey is a travel writer, usually last on the plane, but first always first at the bar.

Between us, we’ve got decades of travel under our belts and we’re never short of quality travel chat. So please, take your seat, strap in and relax. The drinks trolley will be with you shortly.

Rose Dykins

Beloved wherever she goes

A freelance travel writer and editor, with a background in business travel and a penchant for off-the-wall experiences like “surprise travel” and mermaid school. Rose geeks out over small, story-driven museums around the world.

Her biggest travel peeve is people who applaud when the plane lands. And airlines who applaud themselves for landing on time.

Tracey Davies

She’ll ride anything to get the story

A travel journalist for national newspapers, Tracey used to pride herself on how many inappropriate bikini shots she could squeeze into an innocent travel feature. Thankfully, editors have cottoned on to her tricks and now only print embarrassing action shots. 

While she proclaims to be a professional traveller she’s rubbish at packing and is most at home at the swim-up bar in a flashy all-inclusive resort.

Michelle McCarthy

Has a lovely pair of coconuts

International PR and sometimes travel writer Michelle is unhealthily obsessed with securing the exit row as she is both highly responsible and extremely wriggly. Also, she will inevitably fall ill within 24 hours of arriving in any exotic location.

Along with a little travel writing Michelle writes books but refuses to let anyone read them so it’s unlikely she’ll ditch the podcast for the giddy heights of publishing stardom anytime soon.